Linnet - Mosaic-X5 module configuration

1. NMEA frame stream activation with Mosaic-X5 on web browser
2. Configuration with RxTools

How to use Linnet Mosaic-X5

NMEA frame stream activation with Mosaic-X5 on web browser

Mosaic-X5 by Septentrio can be configured via a browser by accessing its IP address, which is However, configuration is less advanced than with RxTools.

Below is the configuration page.

Go to the NMEA/SBF Out tab. Create a new stream by clicking on New NMEA Stream.

Select the USB port connection type, choose one of the two proposed ports and then select the protocols you wish to display. You can select the protocols shown in the image below if in doubt. Click Finish to finalize, then press OK to confirm your changes.

The configuration can be saved by clicking on Save. If saving is not proposed after adding a new feed, you need to add a Configuration file. To do this, go to the Admin tab and click on Configurations.

Configuration with RxTools

The connection can be serial or USB/IP. The USB/IP connection is recommended, as it is quicker to set up.

Download RxTools here.

Start RxControl and connect the card via USB. A new connection can be initialized by clicking on File then Change Connection. Select Create New from the drop-down menu for serial or USB/IP, then click on Next.

For a serial connection, select the corresponding serial port and choose a connection name.


For USB/IP connection, enter the receiver address of the Mosaic-X5, which is

If the connection is established, the main screen should refresh.
For example, the Satellite Status window should light up as in the image below.


The configuration can be used for a future connection.
If you have any further questions or problems configuring Linnet Mosaic-X5, please reply to this post. We'll be glad to help.

Systork Team

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